In the Name of God. Surely Allah changes not the condition of a folk,

until they (first) change that which is in their heart; The Holy Qu’ran


Science is one of the fields of human knowledge and culture which is far away from haphazard occurrences and probabilities and nearer to certainty. It means a guidline for comprehending phenomena and this comprehension facilitates dissemination of growing information and novel discoveries, explores and exposes the parameters of reality and helps human beings recognize them.


The society, therefore, will not be able to solve its problems and alter its circumstances unless it apprehends the paramount importance of various sciences and uses them wisely.

Why do we need advertising? When did we start advertising? Why Iranian society senses a burning need for a magazine such as Daneshe Tablighat? Developing countries like Iran, indeed, are moving towards professional trade and the more professional our businesses become, the more urgent our need for modern sciences and technologies

in order to advance the current situation. Advertising knowledge, by definition, is a set of information used to improve sales and introduce new goods and services to the society.

Daneshe Tablighat is the first international scientific and applied journal of advertising published in the Middle East. Relying on such social sciences as communications, advertising, sociology, marketing, psychology, methodology, it endeavors to make all people more advertising-savvy and to solve related dilemmas of the socio-economic management in both public and private sectors.

Apart from helping the development of advertising, our journal attempts to solve its problems and increase the public awareness.

Seeking and counting on our colleagues' assistance and innovative efforts based on modern media technologies such as internet, we are eager to pave the way for Iranian agencies to compete in global advertising markets. We would warmly welcome comments made by Professional and general readers and profoundly appreciate

your kind assistance to develop and distribute the local advertising Know-how.

Mehrdad Boostanchi

لطفا مارا در گوگل محبوب کنید